Social Tokens
Year in Review

A quick "Numbers Edition" recap of the
Social Tokens Year in Review Report
published in collab with Seedclub.

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In 2020, the total market cap of key social tokens surpassed $81.2M. Whale led, followed by Karma DAO and Cherry.

Roll, the go to social token issuance platform, helped nearly 200 creators issue a social token.

Collab.Land helped maintain tokenized communities with an aggregate market cap of over $300M. The platform powered over 40K wallet addresses and 700 groups with its Discord and Telegram bot.

Token-permissioned access was the killer feature. Karma DAO paved the way.

Grammy-winning artist and producer RAC, partnered with Zora to launch a community token called $RAC. One of the key defining moments of the year.

SeedClub launched the first ever social tokens hackathon with over 10k in prizes.

Hackathon winners included Unite and Catalog.

NFTs: The "port of entry" for all future internet media. - Jesse Walden

NFTs blew up in 2020. From crypto art to DeFi to gaming.

2019 DeFi in review

In 2020, $30.7M worth of crypto art was sold.

Over 4,048 artists tokenized their work and sold a total 49,287 artwork pieces.

Beeple proved the crypto art demand by selling $3.5M worth of assets over the course over one weekend.

The artist's "The complete MF collection" was auctioned for $777,777.77 making it the most expensive tokenized artwork of 2020.

Coin Artist experimented with NFT Farms, social token pioneer Connie Digital continued to show how social tokens and NFTs are intertwined with his digital art platform

2020 was an awakening for social tokens but what's next?

Alpha Leaks

  • Mainstream Adoption
  • Access Seasons
  • On-chain Vesting
  • Programmable Cash Flows
  • More Funding for creators
  • Social Tokens Governance
  • What else...

For more in depth details on the projects, tools and professionals driving the social token space forward, check out the full report

Disclaimer: We recognize that this report is not fully inclusive of all social projects in the space. The authors of this report are associated with many of the projects mentioned in this recap and have done their best to remain unbiased. None of the information presented in this report is meant to be treated as financial advice and we recommend that all readers do their own research.
Data by Forefront, Coingecko, Cryptoart, Cryptoartpulse.